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[ Mold News ] what issues should pay attention to choose die steel (Published:2014-11-4)
what issues should pay attention to choose die steel

The first depends on the plastic mold, metal mold, casting mold, rubber mold, extrusion mold, blow mold?

Buy steel mold should pay attention to the following three points:

(a) the working conditions and requirements: 1 wear resistance, toughness, fatigue fracture of 2 3 4 5 performance, high temperature performance, resistance to thermal fatigue performance, 6 corrosion resistance.

(two) the process performance requirements: 1 malleable, manufacturability, 2 annealing 3 machinability, 4 oxidation, decarburization sensitivity, 5 hardenability and hardenability, 7 6 quenching deformation and cracking tendency, 8 grindability.

(three) economic requirements: in the mold material, must consider the economic principles, as far as possible to reduce the manufacturing cost. Therefore, in the premise of meeting the service performance, first select the lower price, can use carbon steel without alloy steel, can be used domestically materials don't have imported materials.

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